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Icône des articles Season (Alpha v1.01)

August 24, 2021

We have updated our game's engine to its latest stable development! With it comes a handful of improvements!

Game Updates:

Item Features
➜Added additional Item Levels +7, +8, +9 to all existing items.
➜Balanced Item stats, special rarity options, and item values (NPC buy/sell).

➜Added Crafting for Item Level Upgrades +7, +8, +9.
➜Added Crafting for armor Item Level Upgrades (+1 ~ +9).
➜Added Crafting for transforming Item Rarity (Normal -> Excellent -> Perfect -> Epic).
➜Added Crafting for Wing items.

Skill and Spells
➜Added skills: Twisting Slash, Dash, Fire Ball, Flame, Swell Life, Rageful Blow.

➜Added ability for monsters to use skills. Added Monster Kill Count system for special monsters.
➜Balanced monster drops.

Item Shops
➜Added Shops: Jewel Trader. Added Quests: Tutorial, Find Rob's Ring.

Other Changes
➜Added Daily Rewards system (claim Lair Entry Ticket once every 24 hours).


Website Updates:

➜Added account management portal.
➜Added Email / Password reset system, through email.
➜Added VIP Item Shop and Credit Reload System (virtual currency charged via Paypal and used for VIP Item Shop).


VIP Shop Updates:

➜Lair Entry Ticket [x100 Credits].
➜Jewel of Creation Shard (x1) [x100 Credits].
➜Jewel of Chaos Shard (x10) [x100 Credits].
➜Magic Bag Token (x1) [300 Credits].


Current Credit Reload System Details:

You can make the following donation to us, which will earn you Credits as follows:

➜Donation of at least $10 USD: 1,000 Credits
➜Donation of at least $30 USD: 3,500 Credits
➜Donation of at least $50 USD: 6,000 Credits
➜Donation of at least $100 USD: 15,000 Credits

*Credits may take up to 48 hours to load to your account after making a donation.
**Donations of less that $10 will not earn your account any Credits.