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Icône des articles Season (Alpha v1.02)

September 20, 2021

We have added several new features and made a handful of improvements!


Knight Character Class

- Changed starting skill from Twisting Slash -> Lunge.
- Added main skill enhancement system: Lunge -> Falling Slash -> Uppercut -> Cyclone.
- Twisting Slash must be learned from Skill Item now (Orb of Twisting Slash).
- Balanced all existing skills.
- Added stat requirements to learn skills.
- Lessened mana regen & lessened stat increase per level.
- Changed armor stat requirements from Ability Power -> Strength.
- Increased weapon stat requirements.



- Re-balanced all equipment items.
- Added skill items for new skills.



- Balanced monster skills.
- Hound monster level increased from Level 6 -> Level 7.

- Golden Budge Dragon monster level increased from Level 4 -> Level 6.
- Golden Skeleton monster level decreased from Level 11 -> Level 9.
- Added Alpha Monsters, which are a more difficult version of existing monsters.
- Added Golden Monsters: Golden Hound, Golden Bull Fighter, Golden Giant.



- Added Caverns that can be entered from Lorencia:
--> West Cavern (Bull Fighter - Alpha)
--> East Cavern (Skeleton - Alpha/Lich - Alpha)
--> North Cavern (Hound - Alpha/Elite Bull Fighter - Alpha/Giant - Alpha)
- Added new Golden Monster Lair in northern Lorencia for Golden Hound, Golden Bull Fighter, Golden Giant.



- Fixed bug when claiming rewards for Bounty Board quests.
- Finished creating Tutorial Pt. 2.


Other Changes

- Decreased EXP requirement per character level.
- Removed class gender creation (M/F).
- Added attack sounds effects and some environment sound effects.
- Updated some UI graphics.
- Golden Monster Lairs may now only be entered with Lair Entry Tickets.


Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug and exploit found with Golden Monster Lairs.
- Fixed bug that made it impossible to reach max level (level 100).
- Fixed some NPC names.
- Fixed various miscellaneous errors in items.