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November 05, 2021

We are happy to introduce the new mini-game, Devil Square. It is an area where players can gather to slay a massive monster spawn location. Players can enjoy the fast loot and quicker potential for a special item drop. Plus, when slaying any Devil Square monster, there is a chance to find a Magic Pickaxe which is used to gather resources from Jewel Spots.


PVP Combat

- Added PK Count system.
- Added PK Count reset system: earn PK Tokens when clearing PK Count.



- Added PK Shop to exchange PK Tokens.
- Changed items for sale in NPC Jewel Trader's Shop.
- Added buff items to the Lair Token Shop.



- Updated Satan Wings and Demonic Wings crafting recipes.
- Updated Item Transformation crafting recipes. 

- Added Jewel crafting system to NPC Jewel Trader.


New Items

- Magic Pickaxe: tool for gathering Jewel Spot resources
- Demonic Hide: wing crafting material
- Time limited buff items:
--> Increase Attack Scroll
--> Increase Ability Scroll
--> Increase Defense Scroll
--> Increase Magic Resist Scroll
--> Increase Speed Scroll


Resource Spots

- Added Jewel Spots which can be mined to gather Metal Ore and Jewel Shards.


Knight - Character Class

- Changed Knight Class character sprite and face.
- Added Character Level requirement for Satan Wings and Demonic Wings.
- Decreased Rageful Blow's skill damage, decreased DOT rate, and decreased its duration.



- Added Devil Square: a multiplayer massive monster spawn event.
----> Talk to NPC Sailor in the south-eastern area of Lorencia to travel to Devil Square. (x3,000 Zen fee).
----> Enter the portal at :10 minutes or :30 minutes, every hour, to enter Devil Square. (at :30 minutes, the monsters are more difficult.)
----> Survive for 5 minutes and earn at least 500 Event Points, then you can claim a reward.
----> Survive for 5 minutes and earn the most Event Points during the mini-game, then you can claim a special reward.
----> *you can only enter 4 times within a 24 hour period.


Player Commands

- /time -> Check the in-game time by typing "/time" in the chat window.


Bug Fixes

- Small Shield item stats were corrected.
- Leather Pants item selling price was corrected.
- Fixed graphical bugs.


Other Changes

- The item tooltip now shows potion effect in the description.
- Item name change: Wings of Knight -> Satan Wings.