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November 17, 2021

Hi all! Welcome our new changes as they prepare us for our Mage character class release! Stay tuned in order to try out the new character class, Mage! -- Coming soon!!


Knight Character Class

- Updated all Knight Class skills.
- (Skills now use the "Skill Power" stat to scale skill damage & changed the way skills are casted.)


Golden Monster Lairs

- Monsters no longer respawn in the Golden Monster Lairs.
- Additionally, if the Golden Monster is killed while other monsters are still alive, the remaining monsters are killed instantly.


New Items

- Large Shield: Knight shield
- Wand of Magic Ball: Mage weapon
- Wand of Fire Ball: Mage weapon
- Orb of Magic Ball: Mage skill item
- Orb of Fire Ball: Mage skill item


Item Changes

- Plate and Scale armor items can now only be equipped by the Knight character class.
- Hand Axe and Legendary Sword can now only be equipped by the Knight character class.
- Changed item name: "Scale Hide" -> Thick Hide.
- Changed item name: "Tiny Satan Wings" -> Tiny Wings.
- Changed a handful of item rarity settings.


Monster Changes

- Added Large Shield to monster drops.



- Lessened the amount of ingredients required when upgrading weapons.



- Added corresponding faces to the dialogue boxes when talking to NPCs.
- Updated the Armor Shop location and added graphics.
- Updated Guild Manager location graphics.
- Changed NPC name "Skill Shop" -> Magician.
- Changed NPC name "Smith" -> Blacksmith.
- Changed NPC name "Transformation Specialist" -> Weapon Transformer.


Blacksmith Shop

- Added weapons: Short Sword +3, Hand Axe +2.
- Added armors: Leather Helm +3, Leather Gloves +3, Leather Boots +3, Plate Gloves +2, Plate Boots +2.
- Added skills: Orb of Dash, Orb of Lunge, Orb of Uppercut, Orb of Twisting Slash, Orb of Swell Life.
- Removed: Legendary Sword.


Magician Shop

- Added weapons: Wand of Magic Ball, Wand of Fire Ball.
- Added skills: Orb of Magic Ball, Orb of Fire Ball, Orb of Flame.
- Removed: Orb of Lunge, Orb of Uppercut, Orb of Twisting Slash, Orb of Rageful Blow, Orb of Swell Life.


Armor Shop

- Removed: Plate Helm, Plate Pants, Plate Armor.



- Inactive Guilds will auto delete after 30 days of being stale. (All items inside the Guild Bank will be deleted!)
- Added Guild Member ranks:
----> Master: all permissions
----> Assistant: all permissions, except disban guild
----> Member: May invite and use Guild Bank
----> Newbie: No permissions


Combat Related Changes

- Set max Character Level to 35 (its temporary).
- Stat name changed: "Ability Power" -> Skill Power
- Characters now lose 2% of current EXP on character death.
- When characters are in a Party, the Party earns +2% EXP per party member.


Other Changes

- Changed damage formulas: widened the possible range of min/max damage.
- Monster Level and Player Level now appears next to their name.
- Changed the color and name of item rarities:
----> Rarity 0: Common: No text display
----> Rarity 1: Uncommon - red
----> Rarity 2: Excellent - green
----> Rarity 3: Perfect - green
----> Rarity 4: Epic - yellow (unchanged)
----> Rarity 5: Legendary - yellow (unchanged)


Bug Fixes

- Fixed display issues of armor graphics on the character.
- Fixed graphical issue with Leather equipment items.
- Corrected the item sell values of Plate equipment items.