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Combat Details

These are some general settings you should note:

- PVP is generally disabled except in certain areas.
- On character death, you can drop any items in your inventory.
- There is a 20% Drop Chance for each item in your inventory any time your character dies. Usually, you will drop more than one item on character death.
- Items dropped from inventory will not appear to other users for 45 seconds.
- Items dropped from monsters will not appear to other users for 45 seconds.
- Once item ownership ends, items will remain on the ground for 60 seconds and then disappear.


PVP Details

There is a PVP System and dedicated areas that PVP can be held.

- There is a PVP area located just outside of the west gate of Lorencia.
- You must be at least level 10 to enter the area.
- A warning message will appear on your screen when you are about to enter the area.
- Normal character death conditions apply if you die in the PVP area (items will drop on death).


Future Ideas

Here are some ideas for future development of combat and PVP:

- If a player kills another player in the PVP area, they should earn a Token which can be used to buy items from a PVP Token Shop.
- Open a "safe server" which would be seperate game server where items do not drop on character death.