Devil Square

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Devil Square is a multiplayer mini-game monster spawning event which happens at certain times of the day. It is located in a remote area in the far southern region of Noria. Because of its location, it's mostly only possible to travel there by boat. Devil Square is a massive spawning portal that is under the control of Kundun. It seems that the monsters here endlessly and regularly spawn, making it a great place for training and looting. You’re encouraged to participate in the mini-game to help control the flow of monsters. All participants, which survive the entire mini-game, will be rewarded graciously for their effort. Additionally, the player which kills the most monsters during the mini-game will win special rewards.

How to enter Devil Square

Walk to the camp in the south-eastern corner of Lorencia.
In the southern part of the camp, talk to Sailor Greg.
Give Greg x3,000 Zen in exchange to travel to Devil Square.
Wait for the Devil Square portal to open. (every hour at 10 and 30 minutes)
Walk into the Devil Square portal once it opens.

Devil Square Schedule

The portal opens every hour at:

:10 minutes after the top of the hour
:30 minutes after the top of the hour

The monsters that spawn at :30 minutes are more difficult than the monsters that spawn at :10 minutes.
The portal closes 5 minutes after it opens.

How to play

Monsters will occasionally spawn over the next 5 minutes.
The monsters that spawn will get harder and will spawn more frequently over time.
When a player kills a monster, the player earns Event Points.
Killing higher level monsters earns higher amounts of Event Points per kill.
Continue to kill monsters until the mini-game ends.
When the mini-game ends all monsters will be killed - grab the good loot quickly!
Once the mini-game ends, you’ll have 2 minutes to claim your reward from the reward chests.
The winner of the mini-game can claim a reward from the Gold Chest.
All other surviving participants can claim a reward from the Silver Chest.
After the 2 minute reward claim period ends, all players will be automatically warped out of Devil Square.



You must earn at least 500 Event Points in order to claim a reward from a reward chest.
You will be removed from the mini-game if you log out of the game while in Devil Square.
If you reenter the Devil Square Portal, your Event Points will be reset to zero.



Silver Chest Loot:

Zen x8,000 (100%)
Jewel of Bless Shards (~95% chance)
Demonic Hide (0.5% chance)


Gold Chest Loot:

Zen x18,000 (100%)
Demonic Hide (100%)
Jewel of Bless Shards (~78% chance)


Unique monster drops:

Magic Pickaxe (1% drop rate chance)



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