Donations and Credits

This game is currently in an Alpha phase.

During the Alpha phase, there is always a possibility that data may be wiped. Therefore, please take this acknowledgement into consideration before making the decision to make a donation. 


What will happen if there is a data wipe after I made a donation, recieve credits, and spent those credits on an item?

We will do our best to honor any user that made a donation during our Alpha phase. 

1. If you made a donation and recieved Credits, your credits should never be wiped.

2. If you purchased an item from our VIP Shop with Credits and a data wipe occurs, we will restore any Credits that were already spent on items back into your account.


What are Credits?

Credits are a virtual currency that you can use to purchase items from our VIP Shop, which offers various in-game items for sale. Credits are non-refundable and hold no real world cash value. Once you purcahse Credits, there is no way to exchange the Credits for real world currency. Credits are intended only to be spent on our VIP Shop. 


How do I check how many Credits I have?

You can check the amount of Credits on your account by going to your account's profile page. There is a section on the profile page titled "My Points" which displays the amount of Credits on the account and a button to Reload Credits. You can also see your Credits in a quick view on the side of the page (or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices).



How do I reload Credits?

During our Alpha phase, you can get Credits by making a donation to us via Paypal. By clicking "Reload Credits" on your account profile page, you will be redirected to our Official Paypal Donation page. You'll see our Publisher's name "IZAKTLY STUDIO" and the description "MU Pixel - ORPG Donation." 

How many Credits do I recieve when I make a donation?

You will earn you Credits based on the donation amount as follows:

- Donation of at least $10 USD = 1,000 Credits

- Donation of at least $30 USD = 3,500 Credits

- Donation of at least $50 USD = 6,000 Credits

- Donation of at least $100 USD = 15,000 Credits


**Please note, you must include your account login ID as an optional note in the donation process**

If you did not include your account ID in your donation, please contact us at


When will I recieve my Credits after I make a donation?

Please allow up to 48 hours for Credits to be distributed. However, you will likely recieve them within 24 hours from your donation.


Who can I speak to about a donation?

If you wish to speak to our publisher/developer, please join our Discord community for direct communication with us!