Game Lore

MU Pixel - ORPG is an exciting online game based on the Lost Continent of MU. MU was at one time a magnificent, glorious, and powerful empire which no one ever could have foreseen it's collapse. It was a place of government and order. Sadly, it's people began to turn on their own government and began overwhelming the empire's armed forces with violent attacks and destruction of cities. As power hungry warmongers weakened the empire, another even more devastating threat appeared: Kundun's Resurrection.


Long, long ago, before MU had even been established into civilization, there was an evil beast which ruled over the continent. The beast was known as Kundun, the Devil of Darkness. Kundun was sealed away by ancient monks using the power of 10 Sealing Stones. These Sealing Stones were then scattered all across the continent in order to ensure that Kundun's Seal would never be broken. These monks also had written a prophecy which foretold an inevitable event of the future. Their prophecy turned all too true when the warmongers stole all 10 Sealing Stones and resurrected Kundun from his long rest.


The seal was broken by a group of evil sorcerers who used deceiving behavior to manipulate warmongerers into doing their dirty work. Through lies and deceit, lust and control, the sorcerers successfully resurrected Kundun and overthrew the entire empire of MU.


Now, Kundun once again rules over the continent summoning monsters which control the majority of the continent. Many cities were destroyed and many people were slain. Bands of heros have formed together to take control of at least a handful of the cities which still remain standing. These remaining cities are known as Lorencia, Devias, and Noria. There are a handful of civilians still trying their best to continue life in the ruin of their once mighty empire. The civilians need constant help from brave heros to continue guarding what is left of the empire, and to fulfill dangerous quests or journeys to continue civilization as they once knew it. 


Brave heroes must come together and fight to seal away Kundun once more, and forever! The adventure starts by finding those sacred Sealing Stones which are under possession of warmongers...